Transforming Your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Joe LiBrandi

Certified Reiki Practitioner

& Certified Personal Trainer


In a few short years I have dramatically changed my life using Reiki to train my mind and physical fitness to train my body. The differnces made in my life has been dramatic. I believe I have the tools to help you as well. I never claim to be a fitness guru or a person that can cure anyone of any disease, but I do have the knowledge to guide you thru what may be a very difficult time in your life and help in in more areas then just one.

mainphoto313From having extreme anxiety and sleep apnia then going thru a difficult time and hitting rock bottom, my life after Reiki and Training has improved beyond belief. I made it a goal to change my life and have learned more then I ever thought was possible. I have experienced a full transformation in body, mind and spirit.

I would like to guide you thru your journey and help you in any way possible as well.

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