Caffeine used for training has several benefits and is a very cheap way to get that extra boost you need in the gym if taken correctly. There are obviously 2 ways to take it. Drinking it or taking it in a pill form.

The benefit of taking it in a pill form, besides for being cheaper ( a bottle of 100 pills is about $15 ) is that you know exactly how much you are taking. A 200 lb man should take approx 250 mg. A 150 lb male should take about 200 mg but there is no real set dosage. Just dont’ take more then the recommended usage on the bottle.

The best way to take it is 1 hour prior to working out but only 1 pill on the days you are working out. The days you are not working out do not take it all. Most importantly STOP DRINKING COFFEE. Your body will become immune to it if you overload. You are now using caffeine for training only…not enjoyment.

If you have an event  coming then I suggest you stop 1 week prior taking any caffeine so this way when you do take it the day of the event you will get the maximum benefit.

Also, I would suggest only taking this in the morning if you are one of those people, like me, that has a bit of a hard time falling asleep. You don’t want anything interfering with your sleeping as that is a major part of keeping your mind and body strong.

Stay away from fat burners as well if you are doing this as most have caffeine in them and again you don’t want to overload and be running around everywhere you go like you just did cocaine ; )


  • Take your caffeine in pill form
  • Take caffeine 60 min before your weight workout, at most once per day
  • Recommended dosage is 3mg/kg to 6mg/kg, that’s 200mg for a 150lb person
  • To avoid building up tolerance and rendering ineffective
  • Do not consume caffeine from any other sources during the day
  • Do not consume caffeine on days without weight workouts
  • Before big events, considering eliminating caffeine for prior 7 days
  • To avoid interfering with sleep, consider morning workouts
  • Do not use caffeine if you have high blood pressure or any heart conditions