Make Money Online

Listen I know all the scams that are out there. All the pyramid tricks. After years of research and finding out what ACTUALLY works and what doesn’t, I have come up with a handful of of legitimate companies that you can actually make money from.

Before you do this there is a few things you need to know….

Most importantly is DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB. These take time to kick in. It will not happen over night. You need to actually work the systems. These companies below provide you with all the tools needed and honestly, they are very good companies that I use in my personal as well as in business life.

The goal here is to have enough people under you so you can kick back and just watch the money flow in. In the interim, while building your team you need to ACTUALLY WORK IT YOURSELF. You just don’t get checks in the mail. Not happening.

I honestly believe that this can improve your life. Listen, if you made enough to start to pay a car payment or a cell phone bill would you be happy? EXACTLY! After that its gravy right? If you sign up under me I will do whatever I can to help you succeed. If I don’t have the answers I will point you in the right direction.

My sister for example put me on to Avon and in a year she has over 60 people under her, has gone on vacations paid for by Avon, has collected checks monthly and is now REALLY loving what she does.

Whoever says money doesn’t bring you happiness never had any. It relieves a ton of stress.

Here are two links I want you to sign up under me on and give it a shot. You never know right?

Young Living


I also would like to discuss with you a business that is taking over. CBD. If you don’t know what it is Google it. I own a business called OK Botanicals and sell my products Nationwide. I am always looking for good, motivated, distributors…and I pay well : ) Shoot me a message for more info on that. You will be glad you did.