Personal Training

As I am sure you have heard 1000 times, dieting is key to training. You can go to the gym 7 days a week but if your eating McDonalds your wasting your time. The key to a successful diet is honestly preparing your meals in advance, having protein shakes and bars available and not binge eating.

Due to crazy work schedules and life, not everyone has the ability to prepare meals in advance, Most of us grab food when we can except if we are home. So prepare yourself as best as you can. Carry a bunch of bars, shakes, etc with you whenever possible. I keep a cooler in my car just incase.

Try your hardest to eat every 3-4 hours even if its a small meal, bar or shake. I will get more into that later but remember that you are 100% wasting your time at the gym if you are eating bad all day. Make 1 day a week your cheat day and I promise the food will taste so much better.

There are 100 different routines you can use when training. Pick one that you like and use it for a few months. Then shake it up and use another.

Heres a few simple routines I use. Routine 1 is just 1 body part per day and routine 2 below is two body parts per day.

Never do Chest on Mondays or Arms on Fridays in a gym. Every juice head in the world does that and you will never get a machine ; )

Day 1
Back & Bi’s

Day 2
Chest & Tri’s

Day 3
Shoulders & Traps

Day 4

Depending on what you are looking to achieve varies on your cardio but try to do at least 10-20 minutes as a warm-up before training with weights.

Abdominals do 3 times a week if possible. Your core is essential in building strength.

Always train the larger body part first and never train 2 big body parts ( ex: chest and back ) in the same day.

To bulk do 5-8 reps. To build strength and size 8-12 reps. To cut go 12 or more reps.

Try to do a minimum of 3 sets but really no more then 5 per exercise.

Stretch between sets!

Try one of the 30 Day Challenges per month. Click the Exercise link below to see the list and explanations.

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