About Joseph LiBrandi

Certified CBD Consultant

Certified Endocannabinoid System and Cannabidiol

Certified Accredited Terpene Specialist (ATS)

Certified Health Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Reiki Practitioner

CBD, Marijuana, Kratom and Botanicals

As Owner of OK Botanicals I take pride in providing my customers, family and friends with the security and trust knowing they are in good hands. Knowledge is the key to success and every person should know everything they can whenever putting something in their body. If prescribed from a Doctor or simply over the counter, you need to be aware of the benefits and possible side effects that may occur.

All of the products that I put on the market I make sure, 100000% are safe and Lab Tested, but I want you to not only trust you have a safe product but to learn everything you can to make your life much easier and safer in the long run.

Reiki & Personal Training & Health

In a few short years I have dramatically changed my life using Reiki to train my mind and physical fitness to train my body. The differnces made in my life has been dramatic. I believe I have the tools to help you as well. I never claim to be a fitness guru or a person that can cure anyone of any disease, but I do have the knowledge to guide you thru what may be a very difficult time in your life and help in in more areas then just one.

From having extreme anxiety and sleep apnia then going thru a difficult divorce and hitting rock bottom, my life after Reiki and Training, both phyically and mentally, has improved beyond belief. I made it a goal to change my life and have learned more then I ever thought was possible. I have experienced a full transformation in body, mind and spirit.

As you browse thru my social media photos you will see my before and after photos as well as simple to make. easy, HEALTHY, meals to get you to your desired weight.

I would love to guide you thru your journey and help you in any way possible.